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This function estimates Adams’ (2014) multivariate Κ (Kappa) for a set of traits given a tree. Adams’ multivariate K is analogous to Blomberg’s K (Blomberg et al., 2003) in that Κ takes on a value of 1 when the tree explains as much trait variance as expected under Brownian motion and it approaches 0 when the tree explains none of it. Average. Simple combination by averaging the scores. 2015. pyod.models.combination.average() [a-aggarwal2015theoretical] Combination. Weighted Average. Simple combination by averaging the scores with detector weights. 2015. pyod.models.combination.average() [a-aggarwal2015theoretical] Combination. Maximization. Simple combination by taking the ... Here we find the average value of x^2+1 on the interval between 0 and 3...An online average value calculator allows you to calculate the mean/average/expected value/center value of the sample or population data set. In simple terms, finding the average becomes easy with this calculator. Also, this average finder is used to find the geometric mean, population and standard...