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Glucose solution is administered to a patient in a hospital. The density of the solution is 1.104 kg/l. If the blood pressure in the vein is 44.1 mmHg, then what is the minimum necessary height of the IV bag above the position of the needle? (in cm) A: 13.0 B: 17.3 C: 23.1 D: 30.7 E: 40.8 F: 54.3 G: 72.2 H: 96.0 A GIR of 5-8 mg/kg/min is typical. Infants who are not feeding should not be allowed a rate less than 5 mg/kg/min for any significant period of time. The GIR needed to optimize nutrition in neonates is 14 mg/kg/min. Created: July 13, 2010 Revised: July 13, 2010