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We’re proud to manufacture the powerful, low cost H1 Heliostat, but there are a number of other interesting heliostat manufacturers out there. Some of these suppliers may be a good fit to your project; see links below. Note: we only list general purpose, two-axis heliostats available for sale today. We’re not including companies … Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits White Enclosure for Arduino - Electronics enclosure [1.0] ID: 271 - Discontinued - you can check these Arduino accessories instead!  We are very excited to have one of the first (and we think the best) Enclosure for Arduino & project box! 1) Choose whether you want Helios to act like a solar panel and track the sun (set the variable heliostat=0) or a heliostat (set the variable heliostat=1) a. Note: We suggest that you try it as a solar panel first to make sure that it moves how you expect. If one of the axis seems to be off, then you may have put in one of the servos backwards. Descripition: Description: Size: 35 * 16 * 1.1mm Voltage: 5-5.5VDC Current: less than 1.5A Interface: Power supply + - Motor M Principle: in the photosensitive resistor with the shelter, when the light irradiation in the shade to form a shadow, while the side of the photosensitive and the other side of the formation of the difference, the control motor to find the balance point, that is, the light source center Package Include: 1 x Hot Solar Energy Powered Panel Tracking Sensor Module ...