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Free. Android. Armor Stand addon is a modification that adds a Minecraft PE one of the most anticipated things in MCPE 1.1 - its stand for armor. In MC PC stand added a long time ago, but this will be possible thanks to this add-ons.Emerald & Obsidian Tools / Armor Mod Hakkında. Bu mod oyuna zümrüt ve obsidyenden yapılmış aletler ve zırhlar ekliyor.Artık her yerde bulunan obsidyen bir işe yarayacak. Emerald&Obsidian Tools/Armor Mod Tarifleri. Obsidyen Zırhlar Sep 21, 2017 · The mod comes with a customizable armor stand interface with many settings like stealth, zero gravity, no pedestal, no hands, and even the positions of the limbs. Equipping sword for the stand to make it look more like a human (can be used to scare the enemy). There are also mini stands whose sizes are half of the normal ones.