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account. Thus, his account would be charged in the usual manner. A reimbursable employer will be required to reimburse the Unemployment Insurance Fund for the cost of benefits paid based on wages paid by him. Please contact the Employer Charge Unit at (501) 682-1181, if you have any further questions regarding employer charges. Advantages: Apr 20, 2017 · We finally discovered some old paperwork. It seems we were a 501c6 as of 1975 under a different name. But we haven’t filed a 990 post-2007, so the 501c6 status was revoked. (I finally searched using our EIN; it was listed as revoked under a truncated version of our present association name). Post-2007, gross revenues fell between $4k and $7k. Jan 05, 2015 · This is sometimes even better than micromanaging. Say, "I want the Jones report to be top priority," and then 15 minutes later send an email asking for a status update on the Smith account. The ability to access your FAITAS account should not affect your ability to access and complete the AWCS. To unlock your account, please call the FAI Customer Service Support team at 703.752.9604. This number is only if you are locked out of your FAITAS account, all other inquiries should be submitted via a help desk ticket.